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The Migax Cycle 2: Seserance

After her theft from MiliLabs, Summer has taken on the psychic powers of the seserance. Separated from connection with anyone in Migax, she must find a way to get rid of the threat the seserance still poses before she is captured. To do so she must travel to Ixar, home to the megacorps that are gaining control of Migax, in search of a renowned hacker and an expert on advanced technology.

Back at Aksel, paranoia is only growing worse. Wilders are angry at Migax's treatment of squells and are demanding a resolution. As Leafsong seeks out The Hope of Migax on her own and experiments with her manipulator powers, she finds herself testing the limits of her freedoms and discovering dark secrets about Migax's resistance, secrets which cause her to question Eeksa's true motives.

Caught in a game of deception, violence, and sedition, Leafsong and Summer are pit against not only MiliLabs but their own tempations, as they find their moral codes increasingly tested in the struggle to decide the fate of themselves, the wilders, and all of Migax.


"Seserance continues to follow Leafsong and Summer on their journeys to take down MiliLabs and is a nonstop adventure!....The stakes are significantly raised in this book, and I was found myself constantly anxious for the main characters...The author is particularly good at character development, and the character growth in this book is strong but not abrupt. I can’t wait for book three!" - Bri on Goodreads

"Like book one...there are plenty of tender moments and there is hope that things will turn out better in the end. One book to go and the end of this one was such a cliffhanger - I'm very impatient to see what happens to our main characters and to all of Migax." - K.V. Wilson

"I picked up the second book in this series immediately after finishing the first!...The Migax cycle continues to be an interesting portrayal of a dystopian future world and I am really looking forward to the third one since I love these characters." - Liv Savell

"I absolutely love love LOVED this book, the new characters are al [sic] so cool and I was intrigued by all of them. I couldn't put the book down as there was always something happening and I just needed to know what's next." - spyder on Goodreads

Content Warnings

- Gun violence

- Death of a teenager

- Bullying

- Themes of genocide and eugenics

- Mild gore

- Classism

- Brief suicidal thoughts

- Police violence

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