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Willow and Tara Review

Willow and Tara comics by Amber Benson

Guys this exists! There’s a comic book collection about Willow and Tara, best fictional couple ever. They’re from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Watching them helped me discover my own sexuality. I was thrilled to learn that there are more stories about them. These comics were absolutely adorable. They were written by Amber Benson, the actress who plays Tara, so the characters act like they act on the show. I never knew she was a writer, but her stories are very good.


Queer, fantasy comics, short stories


Buffy the Vampire Slayer's own Amber "Tara" Benson takes up scripting duties on these collected stories of everyone's favorite Wiccan couple with the help of writer Christopher Golden (Angel, Buffy TVS: The Watcher's Guide, BPRD). This volume will collect the Willow and Tara one-shot "WannaBlessedBe" drawn by Terry Moore, the two-part Willow and Tara: "Wilderness" story and Andi Watson's two- part Willow and Tara comic strip featured in Dark Horse Extra!


“Wannablessedbe” was about Willow and Tara’s very short time in the college witch group where they met. Another witch tries to butt in on them and ends up summoning a deadly goddess.

A great about this one was the trust Willow and Tara had in each other. There’s one part where Willow sees Tara holding hands with the other girl, but when Tara explains that she was pulling away Willow believes her immediately. I love this because I hate suspected cheating drama in stories. There were also lots of cute moments in this one.

“Wilderness” was the one I enjoyed the least, but I still really liked it. Willow and Tara take Dawn on a road trip and encounter angry forest spirits. Dawn is useless, as usual. The comics medium allows the story to have supernatural creatures that the show’s budget couldn’t handle, so that’s nice. This one was more action heavy, which is fine but I prefer the character-driven moments.

“Demonology Menagerie” was only two pages long and was silly and cute. Willow accidentally summons a video game demon and they have to fight it. The art style is way simpler but it fit the story and it made me smile. The resolution is hilarious.

Overall I love this and would recommend it for anyone who has seen Buffy; otherwise it would be confusing. I’m so glad I got a few more stories about Willow and Tara!

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