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Hey everyone!

Those who follow my social media may be aware of several projects I am currently working on. I have previously mentioned these are "coming soon." I wanted to do a quick update on my writing and what's coming out when.

First, I am proud to say that I am being published in Prismatica Magazine, an LGBTQ science fiction and fantasy collection. My humorous fantasy short story "The Baptism of Wendley" will be featured in their latest issue, which releases August 15. I will link to where you can read the story for free online, but consider purchasing a hard copy to support the work of queer literary magazines.

For audiobook lovers, the audio of Gateway is still in development. All chapters are recorded, but many must be adjusted for sound quality to fit ACX's standards. There's still no set release date, but expect it in the next few months.

And finally, Seserance has been fully written and is currently being reviewed by editors. They are doing a wonderful and thorough job. Expect the release in September.

Thank you for everyone who continues to support my writing. You are all wonderful.

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