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Cover for Gateway showing a portal

The Migax Cycle 1: Gateway

The planet Migax, owner of Gateways that allow you to travel through the fabric of spacetime, is bursting with technological breakthroughs. Accepted into the prestigious Aksel school,  Summer and her new-found friend Leafsong, a member of a dragon-like species coexisting with humans, hope they have found a chance to secure a bright future within it.

Leafsong wants to become a Spark Watcher, a brave protector of diplomats, and Summer wants to find a way to climb out of the poverty that's dominated her family's life ever since she can remember. But Aksel hides more than a mysterious teacher out of Summer's past. An underground organization is rising, a dangerous weapon is being developed, and terrorist attacks are sending the country into paranoia.

As the government tightens its grip on the outcasts at the edge of the cities, Summer and Leafsong will be forced to navigate violence, school, family, mystery, and conspiracy in an effort to find their place in a country increasingly headed for dystopia.


"I read Gateway a few years ago when it first came out and reread it when the sequel came out and really, no regrets. It's well written, sweet, and sadly heartbreaking at some parts but absolutely worth the read. The plot and creatures are unique and very interesting and it's overall a very good read." - spyder on Goodreads

"Besides a few continuity errors, Gateway is the epitome of a YA Science Fiction novel! Complete with LGBTQ representation, an immersive story arc, credible science woven with intriguing fantasy, and relatable characters, readers are in for a treat. I couldn't set the book down, nor could I read it any faster - I just had to devour the intense moments and awkward conversations that kept me entertained" - Emma Katherine

"A fantastic science fiction novel! The worldbuilding is intriguing with lots of moral questions and themes of systematic oppression. I loved Summer and Leafsong’s relationship and watching their friendship grew! They were such great characters. I’m very interested to see where this story goes!" Jordan on Goodreads

"[Dunn] folds in character quirks and mannerisms into the way they speak, effortlessly giving her characters distinct voices that go a long way towards making them feel like unique individuals." - Liv Savell

Content Warnings

- Gun violence

- Animal cruelty and animal death

- Bullying

- Themes of genocide and eugenics

- Mild gore

- Ableism

- Classism

- Medical experimentation

- Police violence

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