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  • How many books will there be in The Migax Cycle?
    There will be three books, and I am in the process of writing the second one.
  • Can I write fanfiction or make fanart of your books?
    Having written fanfiction myself, I would love if people made it! Write fanfiction to your heart's content, but make sure you follow these rules: - I must be credited for inspiration for every work created - You cannot sell your fanfiction or use it for commercial purposes - You cannot reproduce large portions of the text in your fanfiction - You cannot claim to be connected or affiliated with me in any way
  • Is The Migax Cycle set in the future or a seperate universe?
    The Migax Cycle takes place in a different universe, as the physical laws are clearly not consistent with our universe's understanding of them.
  • How can I support your work?
    Mostly by spreading the word! Leaving reviews, recommending my writing to other people, talking about it on social media, are some of the best ways to get it out there. It's difficult for indie writers to have a lot of publicity so any amount helps. You can also become a supporter of my Patreon, which assists me in finances as I journey to become a full-time writer.
  • What inspired The Migax Cycle?
    I love both science fiction and fantasy, so I wanted to write something that was a blend of the two genres, which I now know is called science fantasy. I was interested in the idea of a futuristic world that also had elements of magic within it. Once I actually started writing the first book, the core themes of resistance and hope began to emerge, and I took a lot of inspiration from my history class in terms of how the story plays out.
  • Is______a metaphor for a specific current or historical event?
    I am heavily inspired by historical and current events when I write stories, but I don't write things that are direct parallels or metaphors for any specific event. I prefer to write stories that apply across time and place.
  • Which character do you enjoy writing the most?
    While I don't have a true favorite, I hold a special place in my heart for Moonwafer. His gentleness and humor are refreshing for me to write after dwelling on dark, violent scenes and themes, and I've always favored soft, emotional-support-type characters.
  • Do you have any book recommendations?
    Yes, tons! Off the top of my head, some of my favorite books are The Outside by Ada Hoffman (queer supernatural sci fi, autistic character written by autistic author), the Call of Calamity duology by Liv Savell and Sterling D'Este (queer fantasy series with a vengeful goddess), and The Wayward Children series (fun portal fantasy twist with tons of queer characters) by Seanan McGuire. However, there are many more I'd love to recommend. To see what I've read, am currently reading, plan to read, and/or my reviews of these books, follow my Goodreads!
  • Are you a plotter or a pantser?
    I'm a plantser! When just starting out with a story, I write as I go, and most of the plot and characters come to me spontaneously. Once I've got a good idea of the kind of story I want to tell, I go back and make a general outline. I don't have a scene-by-scene chart. but rather just a bulleted list of the main points of the story I want to cover. The fact that my books actually have consistent plots is mainly due to editing and not diligent planning beforehand.
  • May I have a review copy of one of your books?
    Reviews are extremely important to writers, so if you are a book reviewer head to the contact page and tell me what kind of reviews you do, with links to your blog and/or social media.
  • Will you review my book and/or feature it on your social media/blog?
    Chances are yes, I will, especially if it has queer and/or autistic representation. Head over to the contact page and fill out your request. I'll accept ebook or print book copies, and I give priority to indie writers.
  • What if I find a typo in your books?
    While I and proofreaders do our best to catch them, there will be typos, and if you find one please feel free to contact me on my contact page and inform me of the error so I can correct it.
  • Where can I find content warnings for your books?
    Content warnings can be found on each book's page on this website.
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