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Mini Bio

Juliette L. Dunn (she/they) is the author of the YA science fantasy series THE MIGAX CYCLE. She mainly writes speculative fiction full of portals, magic, and queerness, with themes of oppression and resistance sprinkled throughout.

Longer Bio

Juliette has been reading almost since she was born. She has always had a strong passion for fantasy and science fiction, and a great love for fandom.

Her writing started out as a hobby creating fanfiction for the Warrior Cats universe, one of her first major fandoms. This quickly turned into original fiction, and once she discovered the story-sharing website, she started sharing various short stories and connecting with fellow writers. After discovering the world of self-publishing, Juliette polished and reworked one of her longest stories, and published it as Gateway, the first book in The Migax Cycle, in 2019. The second book in the series, Seserance, was released in late 2020. 

As an autistic person, Juliette also works for autistic liberation, and has written several articles on Medium which can be found at this link, and for the Mythcreants blog. 

She lives in the state of Oregon in the United States, where she spends most of her free time reading or cuddling with her pet rats. 

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